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[2019 Meetings]

The St Louis GIS Users Group will hold four meetings in 2019. The meetings are tentatively scheduled for the last Thursday in the months of January, April, July, and October.

The locations of the SLUG change as members offer to host the event.

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Welcome to the St Louis GIS User Group!
The SLUG, as it is affectionately known, is a group of professionals in state, city, county, education, and private business that see the benefits of using a geographic information system in their organization. We meet on a quarterly basis to discuss new technologies our members are using, to share applications and solutions that would benefit the group and to network with other GIS users in the St. Louis Metropolitan area of Missouri and Illinois.

The SLUG has an informal atmosphere and membership is open and free to anyone who has an interest in GIS.

Our meetings are typically two hours in length and our agendas are compiled from topics submitted by members.

If you would like to network with GIS users in the St Louis area please plan on attending our next meeting.

The SLUG website is a work in progress and constructive suggestions are always welcome. Please email suggestions to OR

To receive emails about the SLUG, notices of upcoming meetings, and discussions that pertain to St Louis GIS users please add yourself to our email alias.

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